Razor Autobody has laid down it’s foundation in the automotive panel and paint industry, upon this we are building a strong business.

We are endeavouring to provide the most efficient and quality oriented service available anywhere in the Cape Town area.We pride ourselves in having trained, and are continuing to train, some of the best apprentices around. This has been a good base upon which we have built a friendly team.We take great care in ensuring the health of our staff and enforce the use of all safety equipment with a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy. Where ever possible we use environmentally friendly products.

Razor Autobody has always been known for it’s competitiveness and fairness within the industries pricing structure.

We encourage our staff to “DO IT RIGHT FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME”. Razor likes to think that any of it’s suppliers operate and supply their services up to our own high standard.

Becoming certified, will be the roof of Razor Autobody’s structure, we will proudly promote our achievement to our clients both prospective and existing, saying “THIS IS HOW HARD WE HAVE TRIED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS FOR THE FUTURE”.